The Talented Robert Knepper

I recently had the pleasure of shooting a fun feature in northern Ontario, one the the amazing cast members let me have the opportunity to grab a quick still shot.  I found this small pocket on set that had some great natural light and a cool vintage american flag. 


I had the pleasure of working on this series pilot a couple weeks ago.  Angela Cavallin was the director of this one, she is an amazing up and coming director.  The team was amazing and it was a pleasure working on this show.  Here is a frame grab from one of the scene. 



Murray and Tom having fun! 

The Hospital for Sick Kids

Most of you don't know but I had a pretty big heart surgery when I as a kid, the hospital that did my surgery was Sick Kids in Toronto.  With the help of Qmedia I get the opportunity to help Sicks Kids Hospital.  This time with director Graeme Mathison we had the pleasure of announcing to the world the latest efforts of the famous hospital and how they are making the world a better place.

A new addition to the hospitals already amazing programmes.  

A Ghost from the past

A few years back myself and good friend Matthew Bennett, worked on a fun big idea we had, that idea turned into our first short film called The Terminal.  We are now in the process of turning that gem into a series check out this artical it explains everything better then I ever could.



Enjoy and please comment and share your thoughts.  

Thailand, Paradise lost

I was visiting Thailand this past Febuary for business and pleasure.  During one of the many long tail boat rides I capture this shot.  Once again on my favourite travel camera my iPhone.  


Ko Samui, long tail adventure!  

Hong Kong for a day

I was recently in Hong Kong for the first time, I was only there for a day but I left knowing I would be back.  The history of the city is amazing there is so much to explore in the tiny city I can't wait to get a chance to explore all the hidden gems.  


Hong Kong Airport  

A trip up north

Recently I had the pleasure of shooting a Documentary up North in Ontario, Canada.  We were on a mission to explore a good mine and tell the story of the origins of the Medals for the Pan Am Games here is a little picture I took with my iPhone while I was up there  


Gold Mine at -20 below